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Production and certification for the Ogo Evolution 1 is now underway.

Certification involves compliance testing for a number of electrical and safety standards around the world. As this is an exhaustive process, it is difficult to be precise on the timing. During this time we aim to streamline our production processes so that once certification has been gained, Ogo’s will be shipped out as soon as possible. You can however make enquiries and reserve your Ogo in the meantime.

If you place a reservation for an Ogo, you will be required to pay a reservation bond of USD 1000. This will ensure your Ogo is queued for priority assembly. If you simply want to express interest in acquiring an Ogo at a future date, please just let us know via our contact form, and once production is underway, we will be in touch.

There are two ways you can reserve your Ogo – through an Ogo Agent local to you or directly online here if there is no Agent nearby.

As a certain amount of ability and control is needed to operate the Ogo safely, we strongly advise that you try an Ogo before purchasing one. This way you can ensure that it will be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

We have a dedicated team of Official Ogo Agents worldwide that are able to arrange a trial and help you through the reservation (purchase), and training processes at no extra cost. They will also be there to provide ongoing support and after sales services – enabling you to get the best out of your Ogo.

You can find out more about our Official Ogo Agents, including how they can help and where they are located, on our Agents page.


How to reserve an Ogo online

Self Assessment

The Ogo Evolution 1 is a dynamic and capable device that is able to be used by a wide range of people.

Key Requirements for being able to ride the Ogo are to:

  • have the cognitive awareness and stamina to maintain control at all times
  • be able to recover balance using either core muscles or arms
  • Have the ability to learn new skills
  • Fit within the weight restrictions between 45kg and 110kg.

For further detail we recommend that you contact an Ogo Technology Agent to explore how the Ogo Evolution 1 would function in your life.

Understand the risks

  • Your own suitability for the Ogo. This is partly covered by the self-assessment above, and referral to the nearest Ogo Agent in the event that a requirement is not met by the assessment or more information is required.
  • Check local municipal and state regulations for the use of a motorised personal mobility vehicle  i.e. where you can use it, at what speeds, any warning flags, or other precautions local or state authorities have seen fit to impose, e.g. does one need to wear a helmet at all times.
  • Ensure you have had the appropriate training before attempting to use the Ogo, have watched and read the supplied User Materials (User Manuals and videos) and are entirely comfortable with all aspects entailed in using the Ogo. Refer to your Ogo Agent if in doubt, or contact Ogo Technology.
  • Do not attempt to modify the Ogo, or under any circumstances, remove any part of the Ogo, and particularly not to make any changes to the electronics or Battery Management System.
  • Always keep the batteries in good order, fully charged and follow the instructions per the Battery Management System in the Ogo User Materials.
  • Pay very careful attention to the steps you need to take when first powering up the Ogo – you want to be perfectly balanced so the Ogo is not inclined to move in any direction without your conscious instruction.
  • Always be aware of conditions when determining the speed at which you ride the Ogo – in wet or slippery conditions take extreme care, always ensure you are in total control of the Ogo.
  • If you are driving the Ogo when people or vehicles are around, again be extremely careful and ensure you give any other person or vehicle plenty of space, as they may not see you moving along, and may not be aware of your speed or direction of travel.
  • It is important to be respectful and always aware of your surroundings.
  • Always ensure that your cell phone is fully charged, and that you have cell phone coverage so that you can summon assistance if needed.

Read the paperwork

Understand the Reservation Process and Fine Print

  • You should complete the reservation process with the assistance of an Ogo Agent.
  • The Device Configuration Notice will be sent to you shortly after you make your reservation.
  • You will be required to pay a ‘Reservation Bond’ of USD 1,000 which will be deposited into our trust/escrow bank account.
  • When your Bond has been received, we will then confirm your reservation and queue your Ogo for priority assembly, once certification has been obtained.
  • Just prior to that we will contact you to conclude the formal sale agreement.
  • As your delivery date draws near, (and subject to the appropriate electrical and safety certifications for your jurisdiction) we will send you a Final Price Sheet. This will include; the purchase price (less any Reservation Bond), freight, local taxes (if apllicable), import and custom fees, as well as any applicable insurance,  and credit card charges that we incur.
  • Your Ogo will be shipped on receipt of payment.
  • If you have not purchased your Ogo through Ogo USA or Ogo Australia, you will need to arrange your own customs agent to handle the import process including documentation, payment of import tariffs, duties and any taxes if applicable.
  • You will need to let your customs broker know that the Ogo Personal Mobility Device falls under the HST (Tariff) classification 8711.90.01.00; or 8713.90.0000 (UK) and 8711.60.00.00 in some countries. Your Ogo Agent can help you with these.
  • We can arrange for our shippers to act as your customs agent on request.

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