Ogo Evolution 1

Designed and built with the best safety and most unique features of any self-balancing personal transportation device.

Unique Features

Three steering options:

Seat steering with handles
Seat steering hands free
  • The joystick and other controls can be positioned on the left or right side of the body.
  • Automatic self-leveling feet, for ease and safety of transfer
  • Easy clean, impact resistant and hi-density polyethylene body
  • Built in front and rear lights and reflectors
  • Storage compartment
  • No bulky, dangerous central steering column meaning transfering on and off is easy
  • Foldaway footrest with a choice of height adjustments
  • Adjustable seat height and positioning
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Multi-functional holder for accessories (e.g. holders for cups, fishing rods, umbrellas, trays, smartphones and tablets)
  • Weather resistant – not submersible though!


Maximum safe weight capacity 110kg | 243lbs
Minimum safe weight capacity 40kg | 88lbs
Length (footrest up) 740mm | 29 inches
Length (footrest down) 900mm | 35 inches
Height – backrest on 990mm | 39 inches
Height – backrest off 650mm | 25 inches
Width – Standard set up 650mm | 25 inches
Width – with Off-Road Kit 865mm | 34 inches
Seat width 430mm  |  17 inches
Seat length 460mm  |  18 inches
Seat back height 460mm  |  18 inches
Overall seat height is adjustable from 500mm – 560mm (20 – 22 inches)
Ground clearance 850mm | 3.4 inches
Main Battery weight (Lithium Ion) x2 10.3kg | 22.7lbs

Auxiliary Battery weight x2

1.8kg | 4lbs

Tyre diameter (Standard)

483mm | 3.4 inches

Tyre diameter (Off-Road tyres)

483mm | 3.4 inches
Travel distance on a single charge – Standard setup
(NOTE: this will be less with the Off-Road Kit)
up to 38km | 24.8 miles
Weight (including batteries) 75kg | 154lbs
(This can be factory set for advised local regulations)
up to 20kph | 12mph
Gradient 20°- 25º incline and about 30° decline – provided there is sufficient traction


Minimum safe weight capacity
40kg  |  88 lbs
Maximum safe weight capacity
110kg  |  243 lbs
Length (footrest down)
900mm  |  35 inches
Length (footrest up)
740mm  |  29 inches
Height – backrest on
990mm  |  39 inches
Height – backrest off
650mm  |  25 inches
Width – Standard set up
650mm  |  25 inches
Width – with Off-Road Kit
865 mm  |  34 inches
Seat width
430mm  |  17 inches
Seat length
460mm  |  18 inches
Seat back height
460mm |  18 inches
The overall Seat height is adjustable
from 500mm-560mm (20-22 inches)
Ground clearance
850mm  |  3.4 inches
Main Battery weight
(Lithium-ion) x2
10.3kg  |  22.7 lbs
Auxiliary Battery weight
(Lead acid) x2
1.8kg  |  4 lbs
Tyre diameter
Standard & Off-Road:
483mm  |  3.4 inches
Travel distance on a single charge
Standard setup (NOTE: this will be less with the Off-Road Kit)
up to 38km  |  24.8 miles
(including batteries):
75kg  |  154 lbs
(This can be factory set for advised local regulations)
up to 20kph  |  12mph
20°- 25º incline and about 30° decline – provided there is sufficient traction

Available colours

The Ogo is available in five colour options – Green, Blue, Orange, Purple and Black.

The Seat

The most defining feature of the Ogo is the patented Active Seat Control system.

With its amazing functionality, intuitiveness and benefits described above, your body becomes the joystick. Your eyes become the will to motivate it.

Another great feature is the Seat Pan, the seat position options and the back rest. “They’re perfect, leave them as they are” says one leading seating specialist.

At least 90% of the hundreds of trialists from around the world have remarked at how comfortable the seat is. They say it is more comfortable than the one they had customised for themselves, or presently use. They are not experiencing the pressure points because their weight is on the outer thigh bone and they are constantly moving their weight to operate the seat.

However we do know that the right seat is critical for comfort and function. Some people are taller, some shorter, some heavier and lighter. Many will want to try it out for themselves – that’s understandable, and some will want it adjusted. So, we are asking for your weight and height (this will give us a lead on the leg measurements) in the Reservation Form.

Here’s a bit about the seat for when considering height and weight…


  • The seat height is adjustable from 50cm – 56cm (20 to 22 inches).
  • The Footrest has 2 height positions, 5cm or
    2 inches apart.
  • There will be 3 seat length options to suit height/thigh bone length.
  • The seat position can also be adjusted forward or back at 4 screw points in the
    Seat Pan.

Cushion and cushion cover

  • The cushion filling is hi tech gel.
  • Users can remove/replace with their own
    (e.g. Roho).
  • The removable seat cover is vinyl – which means users can easily wash and transfer.
  • There is an accessory option of a rubberised breathable compound. This compound doesn’t get so hot, but is more apt to “stick”
    on transfer.

Weight Restrictions

The recommended maximum weight is 110kg (or 246lbs). There is no warranty  for users over 110kg.

The recommended minimum weight is about 45kg (or 100lbs). We can make an adjustment to decrease resistance to operate the seat more easily.

Speed Restrictions

One of the key attractions is that Ogo will travel up to 20kph/12mph.

But some countries or local governments do have restrictions. It is the user’s responsibility to check and adhere to the regulations of the jurisdiction in which they are operating the Ogo.

Safety measures

Whilst the Ogo has the best safety and redundancy features of any self balancing device, users will need to be competent using the Ogo before going into public areas (at least 60 minutes practice is highly recommended).

We recommend users wear safety helmets and any other protection they consider appropriate.

Users should always use the Ogo responsibly, within their competency and always be mindful of the safety of others. For example, to travel at pedestrian pace when among pedestrians.

Ogo has in built safety features that will shut it down. For example Ogo will come to a stop if it comes up against a high kerb or obstruction that it is unable to traverse – meaning that it is very unlikely to tip backwards.

We do not accept responsibility for users safety if the Ogo is used irresponsibly or for anything other than it’s purpose.

Security features

The Ogo Evolution 1 can only be started with a remote control. The Ogo switches off automatically if the operator “falls out”. As long as you have the “InfoKey” controller with you, NO ONE can get on your OGO and drive away with it!  If anyone tries to move it an alarm will go off.

Off-Road Kit

An optional add-on kit that allows you take your Ogo just about anywhere.

The Off-Road kit includes wheel guards and All-Terrain tyres that are suitable for all outdoor use and a wide range of environments.

The wide flared guards and bigger tyres increase the width, traction and scope of your Ogo.

Because the tyres have no crown and operate at low pressure they provide a smooth ride; great traction including on soft sand, gravel and dirt, and are gentle on delicate surfaces (particularly in a straight line), such as lawns and other fragile flora and substrates.

Reserve an Ogo

As the Ogo is a very new and unique experience, we strongly advise that you try an Ogo before reserving one.

We have dedicated Ogo Agents that can help you organise a trial and help you with the reservation and training processes.

Haven’t quite found the information that you were looking – Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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