Ogo Evolution 1

The first Ogo in the Evolution series. Designed and built with the best safety and the most unique features of any self-balancing personal transportation device.

The powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform means you travel over uneven terrain, scale inclines and navigate troughs, while always remaining level in your seat – giving you access to places such as beaches, forests, tracks and pathways that would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices.

It comes in a standard set up that fits through standard doorways and will take you most places, but by changing to the additional Off-Road Kit, you can go almost anywhere – tackling soft sand, gravel, and rough terrains and inclines with minimal impact on the flora and delicate surfaces.

It is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices.

Check out the innovative features of the Ogo Evolution 1!

You can operate the Ogo using a choice of two riding modes that are activated by a single lever.

Joystick Mode

The forward and back movement is controlled by shifting your body weight forward and back. You use the Joystick then to move left and right. This is really unobtrusive and really great for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Active Seat Control (ASC) Mode

The forward and back movement is the same as in Joystick mode, but now that the seat is unlocked, you can control the direction by shifting your weight to the left or right. It is easiest to start by holding onto the handgrips until you get used to how your body can move the machine. With practice you can go completely hands-free.

We have also thought of…

  • Dual electrical systems to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (e.g. empty battery levels)
  • Individual self-leveling Stabilising Legs – controlled electronically and provide a stable platform for transferring (even on a slope and rough terrain
  • Able to turn on its own axis which means you can manoeuvre in small areas such as public transport and in stores*
  • No bulky, dangerous steering column, making transferring on and off easy
  • Built-in front and rear LED light and reflectors
  • Hi-density polyethylene body – making it easy to clean, impact resistant and durable
  • A seat which “outperforms other seats on a number of levels”

… and did we mention there is also!

  • Storage compartment
  • Customisable seat and footplate heights
  • The ability to have Joystick and other controls positioned on the left or right side of the body
  • Foldaway Footplate with a choice of height adjustments
  • Adjustable seat positioning
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Multi-functional holder for accessories (e.g. holders for cups, fishing rods, umbrellas, trays smartphones and tablets)
  • Four tie-down points for transportation
  • Available in 5 colours; green, orange, purple, blue and black
  • Weather resistant but not submersible


And we continue to innovate – let us know your thoughts (Amphibious is out of scope though!)

*Note: you need to check the accessibility laws of the area you intend to use the Ogo. Some jurisdictions do not permit use in municipalities, pedestrian areas, malls and stores, and/or have speed restrictions.


Maximum safe weight capacity 110kg | 243lbs
Minimum safe weight capacity 40kg | 88lbs
Length (footrest up) 740mm | 29 inches
Length (footrest down) 900mm | 35 inches
Height – backrest on 990mm | 39 inches
Height – backrest off 650mm | 25 inches
Width – Standard set up 650mm | 25.6 inches
Width – with Off-Road Kit 865mm | 34 inches
Seat width 430mm  |  17 inches
Seat length 460mm  |  18 inches
Seat back height 460mm  |  18 inches
Overall seat height is adjustable from 500mm – 560mm (20 – 22 inches)
Ground clearance 85mm | 3.4 inches
Main Battery weight (Lithium Ion) x2 10.3kg | 22.7lbs

Auxiliary Battery weight x2

1.8kg | 4lbs

Tyre diameter (Standard)

483mm | 3.4 inches

Tyre diameter (Off-Road tyres)

483mm | 3.4 inches
Travel distance on a single charge – Standard setup
(NOTE: this will be less with the Off-Road Kit)
up to 38km | 24.8 miles
Weight (including batteries) 75kg | 154lbs
(This can be factory set for advised local regulations)
up to 20kph | 12mph
Gradient 20°- 25º incline and about 30° decline – provided there is sufficient traction


Minimum safe weight capacity
40kg  |  88 lbs
Maximum safe weight capacity
110kg  |  243 lbs
Length (footrest down)
900mm  |  35 inches
Length (footrest up)
740mm  |  29 inches
Height – backrest on
990mm  |  39 inches
Height – backrest off
650mm  |  25 inches
Width – Standard set up
650mm  |  25.6 inches
Width – with Off-Road Kit
865 mm  |  34 inches
Seat width
430mm  |  17 inches
Seat length
460mm  |  18 inches
Seat back height
460mm |  18 inches
The overall Seat height is adjustable
from 500mm-560mm (20-22 inches)
Ground clearance
85mm  |  3.4 inches
Main Battery weight
(Lithium-ion) x2
10.3kg  |  22.7 lbs
Auxiliary Battery weight
(Lead acid) x2
1.8kg  |  4 lbs
Tyre diameter
Standard & Off-Road:
483mm  |  3.4 inches
Travel distance on a single charge
Standard setup (NOTE: this will be less with the Off-Road Kit)
up to 38km  |  24.8 miles
(including batteries):
75kg  |  154 lbs
(This can be factory set for advised local regulations)
up to 20kph  |  12mph
20°- 25º incline and about 30° decline – provided there is sufficient traction

The Seat

The most defining feature of the Ogo is the patented Active Seat Control system.

The Active Seat Control (ASC) system is a unique control interface from person to machine in which you control the direction, speed and braking through body movements. You are not only getting a physical workout when using the ASC, but your mind is constantly being engaged with the need to control and be aware of your body in space. Just like what happens when you are walking!

The intuitiveness of the Ogo’s ASC gives you body language – improving the quality of conversations and it also makes moving within a crowd easy. Add the agility, precise movement and accuracy of the Ogo and it often feels like you have lateral movement.

The combination of the seat pan, seat positions, backrest and cushions makes for the ultimate support, comfort and control. Feedback from leading seating specialists say “they wouldn’t change a thing”.

  • The curved seat pan captures the legs – providing support for control
  • Adjustable positioning and height at 4 screw point in the Seat Pan
  • Great results from pressure mapping tests
  • The overall design is supportive and comfortable for a wide range of body types
  • Core features of sitting a wide range of people upright
  • Self-levelling in the action of breaking, going down hills and through dips – so you never feel as if you are going to fall out the front
  • Get a great core workout – whatever muscles you have are being used with the freedom of movement

Cushion and cover

  • Cushion filling is hi-tech foam and is removable/replaceable
  • Vinyl seat cover which is removable and easy to wash
  • An accessory option of a rubberised breathable compound cover. This compound does not get so hot but is more apt to ‘stick’.

Weight Restrictions

The recommended maximum weight is 110kg (or 246lbs). There is no warranty for users over 110kg.

The recommended minimum weight is about 40kg (or 100lbs).

Speed Restrictions

One of the key attractions is that Ogo will travel up to 20kph/12mph.

Some areas do have restrictions. It is your responsibility to check and adhere to the rules and regulations in the area you are riding your Ogo.

Safety measures

Here at Ogo Technology, we are big on safety!

Although the Ogo has the best safety and backup features of any self-balancing device, we think it’s really important that your Agent is there at the start to give you training and that you feel confident on your Ogo before venturing out in public.

We do recommend that you wear a safety helmet as well as any other protection you think you will need when riding.

You should always use the Ogo responsibly, within your limits and always be mindful of the safety of others. For example, to travel at a pedestrian pace when among pedestrians.

The Ogo Evolution 1 has dual system backups to avoid mishaps and provide alerts (e.g. battery levels), as well as in built-in safety features that won’t leave you stranded. This is all outlined in the User Materials provided with your Ogo.

At Ogo Technology, we cannot accept responsibility for your safety if the Ogo is used irresponsibly or for anything other than its purpose.

Security features

The Ogo Evolution 1 can only be powered on with the remote control. So as long as you have the controller with you, NO ONE can get on your Ogo and drive away with it. The Controller also has a security lock function that, when activated, will trigger an alarm if anyone tries to move your Ogo.

Off-Road Kit

The popular add-on kit that allows you to take your Ogo just about anywhere. The Off-Road Kit includes Wheel guards (fenders) and All-Terrain wheels that are suitable for all outdoor use and a wide range of environments. The wide flared guards (fenders) and bigger tyres will increase the overall width of the Ogo (to 850mm/33 inches) meaning that it will not go through standard doorways.

Because the tyres have no crown and operate at low pressure, they provide a great feeling of suspension, a smooth ride and great traction including on soft sand, gravel and dirt. The turf style tread of the All-Terrain tyres means the Ogo Off-Road configuration is gentle on delicate surfaces (particularly in a straight line), such as lawns, golf courses and other fragile flora.
The Off-Road Kit can be purchased for USD 350 online with your Ogo purchase or as an after sale accessory.

Riding an Ogo is a very new and unique experience so we always think it’s best to trial an Ogo before reserving one. We have dedicated Authorised Ogo Agents that can help you organise a trial, take you through the reservation process and set you up with training and support when your new Ogo arrives. Otherwise contact us directly.

Haven’t quite found the information that you were looking for? – Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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