The Ogo Evolution 1 is not a medical device or health product.

Images and videos in all marketing materials, including within and via this website have been produced for various markets around the world. There are images of the Ogo being used in some locations and circumstances that are allowed in some jurisdictions and not allowed in others, for example, maximum speed in some settings; use on footpaths, markets, public transport and others.

 The use of helmets is compulsory in some jurisdictions and not in others, although Ogo recommends the use of helmets at all times.

 The Ogo Evolution 1 is not a toy. It can be dangerous and may cause serious injury to self and others if not used in accordance with the User Materials. 

 It is the user’s responsibility to be familiar with and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the jurisdiction in which the Ogo is being used.

 It is the user’s responsibility to at all times act responsibly and with consideration to themselves, others and the environment in which the Ogo is being operated.

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