Become an Ogo Agent


We change the accepted thinking behind personal transportation and mobility through intelligent and stylish design and provide greater levels of freedom and independence for our users.


To help change people’s lives for the better by making our ground breaking technology affordable for everyone who can benefit from it.

This is an ideal business opportunity for those who:

  • are themselves a user of a mobility device, or
  • partner or caregiver of a user, or
  • involved in the disability/access community
  • want to set up a business in mobility, tourism, recreation or rental.

As an Agent you do not need to have an established business, but some commercial acumen and experience is essential.

We will consider an established medical/wheelchair/electric vehicle dealer, on agency terms

Agents must want to help change people’s lives for the better.

An Ogo Agent:

Ideally networks with:
  • Occupational Therapists and can support them with enquiries regarding proposals to providers
  • Health Sector Professionals
  • Procurement organisations
  • Disability/Access Associations
  • Sports & recreation organisations
  • Retirement communities
  • Businesses community
    • adventure tourism
    • city tours
    • rentals companies.
Is familiar with and confident handling…

  • importing and customs clearance
  • local/state/country – insurance/public funding regulations.
  • own at least one Ogo
  • be creditworthy
  • have no criminal record
  • be mobile/have a means of transport and able to travel to other “local” centres, within reasonable distance
  • able to demonstrate in malls, streets, conferences, etc

  • provide:
    • assistance to consumers with on line orders and facilitate deposit and final payment direct to Ogo
    • delivery of Ogo to purchasers
    • initial training (allow up to 60 minutes)
    • after sales enquiries and
    • facilitate servicing
  • be able to:
    • undertake some technical work, or
    • have access to a technician/service centre who can interpret a video, or follow video call instructions.
Where possible…
  • record stills and video of end user
  • create story content-text, stills and/or video:
    • that can be used by Ogo across all media, or
    • be approved by Ogo for posting on agents website and their social media sites
  • Participate in blogs
  • Provide feedback to Ogo.
May promote Ogo on their own Facebook and Website
  • Ogo tab on an existing commerce site must be approved
  • Ogo would need to approve content (may provide templates)
  • Can use Ogo marketing material/logo etc.

Agents do not need to have an established business, but do need some commercial acumen and experience

We will consider an established wheelchair dealer, on agency terms.

Agents are paid a commission after delivery to purchaser

Exclusive agency may be given to to proven performers after a period.

We will:

    • restrict number of agents to population
    • promote Agents and direct “local” leads/on line enquiry to Agents.

Think you have what it takes?

Contact Cath Keno at if you would like to apply or find out more about becoming an Ogo Agent.

The application process will involve:

  1. Video call interview with Kevin and Stuart
  2. Entering into an Agency Agreement on approval.
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