We change the accepted thinking behind personal transportation and mobility through intelligent and cool design.

The Ogo

With an intuitive hands free control system for freedom of movement and independence, the Ogo is the ultimate multipurpose recreational mobility device.

It is the only personal transportation system that fully integrates a unique active moving seat control system with the very best of self-balancing technology. The Ogo is not an add on kit, it is purpose built with fun, freedom, independence, durability and safety in mind – with an added touch of coolness and style.


The Ogo levels the playing field in a social setting. The Active Seat Control means that your body acts like the joystick, making it very intuitive to use – even allowing you to do so completely hands free!

Users have told us that the Ogo seems to follow their will – they direct with their eyes and the Ogo seems to intuitively follow… and this is where the ‘magic mind-body movement’ happens. Just like walking! What is actually occuring is that the core or upper body is leaning in the direction you want to go, turn and stay in balance, giving the area a great workout. They also tell us that the unique Active Seat Control system, with it’s self-balancing capability, also has the added benefit of them not having to continually look down at the pavement for obstacles. They then are more aware and interact with traffic and pedestrians and experience their surroundings more. This, in turn they say, really improves self-esteem, confidence and ultimately provides a greater sense of well-being.

The Ogo in its Standard setup will go most places, and by simply changing to the Off-Road Kit, can go almost anywhere – tackling soft sand, gravel, rough terrain and inclines. It is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices.

Grab Life

by the wheels!

It is the ultimate machine for accessibility and fun for every sector of the community; commuters, seniors, tourism operators, workplaces, athletes, recreationalists.

Note: the Ogo is a multi purpose personal mobility device. It is not a medical or health care product.

Owning an Ogo

Riding an Ogo is a very new experience, there is nothing quite like it.

As a certain amount of ability and control is needed to operate the Ogo safely, we strongly advise that you try an Ogo before reserving one.

We have a dedicated team of Ogo Agents worldwide that are able to help you through the trialing and reservation process – making sure that you are able to get the best out of your Ogo.

Riding this most incredible mobility innovation is a natural process that puts you in touch with all of the walking skills you know and love. In fact, I feel in balance and at harmony with life.

Larry Hollenbeck

Ogo Trialist

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