Ogo Agent: Walter Delson

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Contact: Walter.Delson@ogotechnology.com


Walter has used a wheelchair since he was paralyzed in 1992 from a motorcycle accident.  Before his injury, he enjoyed being outdoors: hiking, camping, exploring.  After his injury, he quickly realized that these activities are quite challenging to do using a wheelchair.  Since then, he has searched for technology to increase his quality of life, and allow him to enjoy these activities once again.

Walter found the technology behind the Ogo a game changer.  Suddenly, so much more of the world became easily accessible: hiking trails, beaches, even the steep streets of San Francisco are no longer a barrier!  This technology has greatly increased Walter’s quality of life, and he is excited to share that experience with you!  Please call him at 510-693-2689 or email walter.delson@ogotechnology.com if you have any questions, or would like a test drive!