A big thank you to the wonderful people who made a donation, Kevin and the team really appreciate your generosity. It has enabled us to keep working on our final prototype and get closer to production of our first run of Ogo...

Terry Morris
Anita Blanchett
Lynne Attwood
Kerry Cawley
Ronny Zulaikha
Bev Brown
Lori King
Diana Taylor
Ashley Harvey
Tom Terry
Wolfgang Groetz
Karen Pasig
Gillian Gordan
Clara McIver
Melissa Gatlin
Michael Reid
Janice Fletcher
Kevin Reeves
Jeffery Ford
Sandra Lambert
Mary Brush
Claire Lynch
Robert King
Fred Klosterman
Matthiew Marks
Jane Inge
Jean Leclaire
Mark Dean
Wiljan Borremans
Michael Ball
Chris Christou
Elizabeth Potter
Iain McRae
Pamayla Darbyshire
Theresa van Tienen
Dennis Sonnenschein
Kresten Birkegaard
Nancy Powell
Robert Gunn
Colleen Cuomo
Hamish McHardy
Charles Lennon
Steven Byrne
Perry Mandanis