Ogo Agent: Steve Poutre

Location: Macedon, NY, USA

Contact: Steve.Poutre@ogotechnology.com


Steve was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg at age 15 (1979).  After 15 months of chemotherapy, he was declared cancer free.  Two years later he was diagnosed with leukemia. 

If all that wasn’t enough, in 1998, he was on a second story deck when it collapsed. He ended up breaking his left leg in seven places. The doctors told his wife that he would probably never walk again.  Eighteen months later, he was able to return to his job as a wedding photographer. It was obvious at this time he would not be able to do this job long term due to the amount of discomfort while walking. He retired from wedding photography in 2003.

Steve has never been one of those people who asks, “why me?” but rather, “where do I go from here?” 

He believes the totally hands free operation of the OGO will change lives of thousands. Steve recognizes that simple tasks most people take for granted, will now be possible with the OGO. He says, “just think of carrying a glass of milk and a piece of pie, at the same time, from the kitchen to the dinning room table…. without help!”

He is excited and looks forward to educating; demonstrating and exploring all the ways OGO will enhance people’s lives.

Contact Steve if you would like more information or have questions