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Now taking pre-orders!

Production for the Ogo Evolution 1 is about to get underway. Full certification is underway. You can reserve your Ogo through an Ogo Agent local to you, or reserve it directly online here if there is no Agent nearby. 

Ogo Agents can help you with your reservation, and once a sale has been concluded (post certification) with the importation, delivery and after sales service.

Thank you for your patience and continued support throughout our development stage. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. 

Pending Certification

The Ogo Evolution 1 is presently undergoing compliance testing for a number of electrical and safety standards around the world. This is an exhaustive process so it is difficult to be precise on the timing. However, you can make inquiries and reserve your Ogo meantime.

Indicative Purchase Price

Ogo Evolution 1: USD 16,995*

  • plus 
    • freight, ex NZ to your door
    • import tariffs (if any)
    • customs clearance fees
    • local sales / consumer tax (if any)
    • marine insurance, covers shipping to your door
    • Credit card charges will be passed on

Off Road kit: USD 350


Reserve your Ogo 

  • Reserve your Ogo here, with the assistance of an Ogo Agent
  • The Device Configuration Notice will be sent to you shortly after you make your reservation.
  • You can elect to pay a ‘Reservation Bond’ of USD 1,000 which will be deposited into our trust/ escrow bank account.
  • When your Bond has been received, we will then confirm your reservation and queue your Ogo for priority assembly, once full certification has been obtained.
  • Just prior to that we will contact you to conclude the formal sale agreement.
  • As your delivery date then draws near, and subject to the appropriate electrical and safety certifications for your jurisdiction, we will send you a Final Price Sheet, which will include the purchase price less any Reservation Bond, together with freight, import and customs fees and insurance and credit card charges that we incur, if applicable.
  • Your Ogo will be shipped on receipt of payment.
  • If you have not purchased your Ogo through Ogo USA or Ogo Australia, you will need to arrange your own customs agent to handle the import process including documentation, payment of import tariffs, duties and any taxes if applicable.You will need to let your customs broker know that the Ogo Personal Mobility Device falls under the HST (Tariff) classification 8711.90.01.00; or 8711.60.00.00 in some countries. Your Ogo agent can help you with these. 
  • We can arrange for our shippers to act as your customs agent on request.


Contact your nearest Official Ogo Agent to reserve your Ogo, at no extra cost - why wouldn't you?  

Ogo Agents assist with:

  • Responding to your initial inquiries, identify your needs
  • On line / phone assessment to see if the Ogo is fit for your purpose
  • Broad outline of terms and conditions that will apply to any future sales contract
  • Explaining the process to purchase, delivery, training and after sales service
  • Arranging initial meeting / demonstration
  • Ensuring the Ogo is right for you - this is no hard sell. We don't want you reserving an Ogo if it is not right for you
  • Explaining documentation, purchase and warranty terms simply, in your language that will apply to any future sales contract.
  • Assist you reserving your Ogo direct online - takes out the hassle
  • Liaising with you throughout - to a point where a formal sale has been concluded

Post Sale:

  • Delivering your Ogo to you or arranging for pick up - no logistics required from you, your agent will take care of it. 
  • Training - compulsory and free.  Having you competent and confident users is just as important to us as it is to you. Our Agents will be Ogo Certified Trainers, understanding what it is like to be a user Agent.  They will have you sign acknowledgement of training when you are happy to be left to build your competence. We will ask you to sign a release of liability where you elect to not be trained.
  • User Materials- your Agent will familiarise you with the User Manual and videos
  • After sales service inquiries - always there for you to ensure your satisfaction with your Ogo, and if something goes wrong
  • Following through on your referrals - We know you are going to be swarmed while in your Ogo. You'll want to gain another "Ogolyte" mate, expand the Ogo community and will need someone to pass the inquiry on to.  You may want to become an agent yourself!


Reserve Direct

If there is no Ogo Agent near you, reserve your Ogo here