Ogo Agent: Philip Nolan

Location: Burlington, NJ, USA

Contact: Philip.Nolan@ogotechnology.com

Philip was born in Greenfield Massachusetts but grew up in New Jersey and spent the majority of his time between there and the surrounding tristate area until 2010 when he joined the US Navy. Before his time in the military, Philip attended Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA where he specialized in management. Additionally, Philip attended several engineering and financial management classes with the Navy in various locations throughout the country. Most of his time in the Navy was spent repairing aircrafts with electronic failures but quickly rose to a supervisor position after only one deployment. Subsequent to serving in the Navy, Philip spent time rehabilitating after a mountain bike accident in 2014, leaving him in a wheelchair. Looking for new opportunities outside the military life, Philip connected with Ogo technologies as a sales agent and is looking forward to delivering the freedom the Ogo provides, which he knows how important that can be on a personal level. In his free time Philip enjoys the outdoors, live and local music, training his service dog and spending time with friends and family. Prior to his accident, Philip was an avid  volunteer for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and D.E.F.Y. and is now  looking forward to once again lending a helping hand and promoting a positive lifestyle.