Order form 

We will send you a Device Configuration Notice acknowledging your order, then an invoice for the deposit of USD1,000 to be paid into our trust / escrow bank account number.

Your order will then be confirmed and your Ogo queued for assembly.

As your delivery date nears, we will send you a Final Price Sheet, which will include balance of your purchase price, together with freight, import fees and customs fees and insurance if applicable.

The final invoice will be sent to you on completion for payment in full by 5 days beforew we dispatch your Ogo from the assembly plant.

Where you have not purchased your Ogo through Ogo USA or Ogo Australia, you will need to arrange your own customs agent to handle the import process including documentation, payment of import tariffs, duties and any taxes if applicable. 

NB. you will need to let your customs broker know that the Ogo Personal Mobility Device falls under the HST (Tariff) classification 8711.90.01.00; or 8711.60.00.00 in some countries. Your Ogo agent can help you with these. We can arrange for our shippers to act as your customs agent on request.

Your order payment is refundable in the event your order cannot be fulfilled (see Ogo Purchase Order Agreement).


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