Ogo Agent: Nancy Janus and Brian Berry

Location: Bradenton, FL, USA

Contact: Nancy.Janus@ogotechnology.com


Hi!  We are Nancy Janus and Brian Berry, living in Bradenton, Florida with our three daughters whom we adopted from Colombia as babies. Now they are grown and are a huge source of joy for us! Speaking of joy, we are thrilled about the Ogo and anticipate all the terrific ways it will change our and your life as well! We both have always loved travel, for Nancy going back to her days as a Peace Corps volunteer and for Brian teaching personal development skills throughout the Western world. Nancy is a college professor of Human Development, still teaching part time while Brian continues to consult on personal development. Nancy travelled frequently with groups of college students in developing countries and says that that has been the very best part of her work. It was so until 2012 when she was hit by a car from behind on a neighborhood street as she rode her bike to join her bike club for a Wednesday morning ride. The accident left her with a spinal cord injury, taking away her ability to walk or to use her hands effectively. (She is trying to convert her love of bicycling into a love of recumbent tricycling but the results have yet to be seen.) Brian has stepped right up to being a caregiver, and in many ways our love and admiration for each other has grown stronger since the accident.

Why have we become agents for the Ogo? Because it is the most exciting technology we’ve ever seen for the lively mobility of disabled or elderly people! We are especially excited about the Ogo’s off-road capability…our Florida beaches, state park trails, and probably most important to us, being able to maneuver on the unkempt roads and paths of the developing world. Do contact us if you would like to be a part of our excitement!

Nancy can be reached at 941-726-1842 and Brian at 941-704-1272. We look forward to helping you increase your options for mobility!