Ogo Agent: Mike Schirk

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Contact: Mike.Schirk@ogotechnology.com


Hello Everyone-

I'm Mike Schirk, a new Agent of the OGO Technology team.  I spent my youth in the wilds of Upper Michigan, my adult life and working career in Chicago, Illinois, and now my grandparent years and 2nd career living in Omaha Nebraska. I have wonderful adult children, daughters/sons-in-law, and two terrific grandchildren.

Having a passion for music, arts, sports and living life to the fullest, I had a change in my lifestyle and activities a few years ago.  With a combination of spinal stenosis and peripheral polyneuropathy, I had to leave my position in technology sales at a much younger age than expected or wanted.  Walking becomes quite painful within short distances, and wheelchair usage becomes problematic.  Roaming the internet, I found the OGO Personal Mobility Device, and watched anxiously for the near monthly progress videos of the advances of the PMD.  I am elated to get delivery of my unit and start demonstrating how there can be a new mobility chapter in life for those who are disabled and have been trapped by their physical challenges.

Working with affected survivors in the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska and discussing the trials of being disabled with the medical community, I so look forward to sharing what this life changing PMD engineering will do for others.  Grab Life by the Wheels !