Ogo Agent: Matthew Kim

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Contact: Matt.Kim@ogotechnology.com


Matt joined Ogo Technology to assist you with your mobility challenges.  His 20+ years experience in business and technology management matched with the entrepreneurial spirit of Ogo, will bring you to the cutting edge of evolving technology.

Matt grew up in Atlanta, GA and studied biology, business and engineering at The Citadel. He was paralyzed in a mountain bike accident soon after graduation. Unwilling to wait on or be waited on, he has always strived to regain as much function as possible. Paired with the Ogo, his dream of returning to the beach and the mountains is a reality.

He is very excited to assist anyone in the southeastern  United States achieve their dreams with the revolutionary Ogo personal mobility device.

Freedom to live life to the fullest!  #Freedom2Live2Fullest

Matt can be contacted on Facebook @ReadyIQMobility