Ogo Agent: Marcus and Karen Rosenlehner

Location: Charleston, SC, USA

Contact: Marcus.Rosenlehner@ogotechnology.com


We, Marcus and Karen Rosenlehner, are passionate about promoting the Ogo. We have the opportunity to provide an amazing solution for mobility limitations to the disabled.  This Personal Transportation Device (PTD) is life-changing, technologically innovative, and sleek in design.

Marcus, a marathon runner and avid squash player suffered an almost life-ending stroke. He subsequently was "locked-in," meaning he was totally paralyzed and unable to talk and could communicate only by blinking his eyes. Miraculously, he overcame his ordeal and through hard work now walks with a cane or walker.  The Ogo gives Marcus his long-awaited independence again, and provides him with mobility which makes him almost forget his disability.  Marcus is an attorney (Germany) with a Master's Degree in International Business Law and worked for the Washington, D.C. firms of Patton Boggs, LLP and Kirkland & Ellis, LLP in antitrust law.  He also focused on cases involving International Child Abduction and appeared in U.S. and German print media as well as 60 Minutes with Christiane Amanpour.  

Marcus sees the Ogo as a life-changing Personal Transportation Device (PTD) which will not only help fellow disabled persons, but can also be used for disabled sports (such as basketball, tennis, etc.), sight-seeing tours, PTD for the elderly, and much, much more.  Its uses are unlimited and he thinks this innovation will touch a lot of people's lives.

‚ÄčKaren, Marcus' wife, is a Registered Nurse (RN) and was instrumental in his recovery.  She has vast experience with a career focus on cardiac nursing.  She became Marcus's caregiver.  Karen knows from experience how difficult it was for Marcus to get around and was forced to function as his "Personal Transportation Device."  Ogo frees her from this task and has made an incredibly positive impact on both their lives.

Marcus and Karen have a personal webpage at www.go-ogo.com