Ogo Agent: Living Spinal

Location: San Diego, CA,  USA

Contact: Living.Spinal@ogotechnology.com

Phone: 619-810-0010


Here at Living Spinal we are the leaders in seated self balancing mobility. We have been working with these vehicles for longer then anyone in the market. We understand them and can give you advice on how it will work with your situation as best as we can. Its all about freedom, fun and adventure and the Ogo will give you all of those things. 

We want to be honest with you. Our main goal is to find a cure to paralysis. Living Spinal has, since it’s inception, donated a portion of each order we have received towards funding research, which will one day help millions of people around the world. We are serious about this pursuit. 

Andrew Hippert, the founder of Living Spinal, woke up in a hospital after breaking his neck and damaging his spinal cord. At the time, he didn’t know how difficult it could be for people with paralysis to communicate their needs over the phone to receive the right medical supply advice and products. The main obstacle was that most customer service representatives didn’t have any experience with the products he needed. If you have never lived in a wheelchair and tried to use a catheter, or taken a wheelchair to a park or even pushed yourself up a steep hill, it’s hard to understand the difficulties and help others with creative solutions. 

Well, we have! You will never have to beat around the bush with us, or explain your situation multiple times. If you need to speak with someone who understands life in a wheelchair, please give us a call! You will never feel embarrassed asking us your questions and we will always try to provide you with helpful information from our firsthand experience.

Meet the team. https://livingspinal.com/meet-the-team/