Ogo Agent: Laurie Varendorff

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Contact: Laurie.Varendorff@ogotechnology.com

Phone: 0417 094 147


Laurie is a young senior citizen interested in providing personal mobility equipment options to people with limited mobility issues either due to injury, medical conditions or deteriorating physical capabilities & for any individuals with limited mobility constraints no matter what the cause.

Personal Mobility Chariots – PMC was setup due to Laurie becoming aware several years ago of Ogo Technology back in 2015.

Since that time Laurie has followed the progress of the development of  Ogo Technology to the point where he has committed to become the Western Australia Agent for Ogo Technology's product.

It is Laurie’s belief that Ogo Technology's Ogo Evolution 1 electric powered personal mobility transportation device will revolutionise the use of personal transportation for individuals with limited mobility constraints no matter what the cause.

All of us at Personal Mobility Chariots – PMC are chafing at the bit to get our hands on the Demonstration Unit from Ogo Technology's the Ogo Evolution 1 which is scheduled for delivery to us in the latter part of 2017.

Once the demonstration Unit Ogo Technology's Ogo Evolution 1 is in our possession we will be providing demonstrations to any interested parties in addition to showing it off at local Shopping Centre’s & the like.

In preparation of the arrival of the Ogo, Laurie is having a Personal Mobility Chariots – PMC – Silver Spring Electric Power Chair Scooter Lift Carrier fitted to his vehicle so as to be able to transport the Ogo Technologies Ogo Evolution 1, electric personal mobility transportation device, to local Shopping Centre’s & the like for demonstration purposes.


The Personal Mobility Chariots - PMC WEBSITE @ URL: pmchariots.com.auis now up & operational for the promotion & marketing of the NEW and REVOLUTIONARY - Ogo Evolution 1.