Ogo Agent: Hans Kleine

Location: Karlstad, Sweden, Europe

Contact: Hans.Kleine@ogotechnology.com

My name is Hans Kleine. I am a Dutchman from The Hague, but now living in Karlstad, Sweden. My background is that I am a psychiatrist and have been working in the public healthcare for many years, with focus on other general psychiatry, substance use and dependence. During the last few years I have mostly been working in my own company, with different supervision and educational tasks in the healthcare system. I am a Motivational Interviewer trainer and have had workshops on suicide prevention and psychiatric law issues. I also have an antiquarian bookshop since 2006. 
I have own experience of neurologic illness, but am fortunate that for now I do not have any problems in my day to day life. Because of my concern for the future I have had an interest in new ways of transporting and have been following Ogo Technology through their newsletter. After their production announcement this spring, I replied and was appointed an Ogo agent. 
I live in Karlstad, in the centre of Scandinavian…  and will be eager to help anyone with questions concerning The Ogo: ordering, importing, user instructions and guidance. 
“More personal independence and freedom for everyone” 

For information in Swedish: http://www.ogohjul.com