Ogo Agent: Gretchen Ryan

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Contact: Gretchen.Ryan@ogotechnology.com


Gretchen Ryan has been a wheelchair user since a car accident as a teenager, when she was passenger in a Jeep that flew off a Mountain cliff, leaving her paralyzed.  She was the first female, downhill, off-road wheelchair racer in the world, and for years drove a Harley-Davidson with hand controls and a sidecar.  She is thrilled about the play, speed and versatility Ogo will be bringing into people's lives, in both adventurous and practical ways. Gretchen loves and cares about people, and is honored and excited to be representing Ogo.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA, where she also works as a professional artist and portrait painter.

Gretchen has her personal website at https://www.ogogirl.com/