How much is the Ogo?

It won’t be cheap. Nothing great ever is. But neither is it the most expensive. Ogo is great value with more function, connectivity and style than any other personal mobility device on the market. What price do you put on so much innovation, providing so much joy, coolness, freedom and independence?

We do aim to bring the price down over time as we scale up. The Ogo team is very passionate about its vision; to make the Ogo as affordable to as many people who would benefit as possible.

The launch price will be announced shortly.


When will production begin?

The new Ogo prototype is production ready! We are delighted with it. It is looking fabulous and performing well. We continue to test - Keep watch on our Facebook page, and here for videos of the changes and announcements of the launch and how to order.

Meantime if you are interested in purchasing do email us.


Where is Ogo based?

The team is based in Otaki, New Zealand - a country renowned for its independence, a sense of fair play, a place where everyone gets to have a go, innovation, clean green beautiful environment, accessibility to the great outdoors and people who have a love of adventure, recreation and sports.

Initially we will assemble and ship directly from New Zealand, then assemble and distribute from key markets as we gain momentum worldwide.


Will you be marketing the Ogo outside of New Zealand?

Yes Ogo will be available worldwide. Orders will be able to be placed through the website directly by you or through one of Ogo’s Agents. See Place Your Order or Agents.


What can I use Ogo for?

Ogo is a personal mobility device that has many uses. It is designed to be used for where ever pedestrians can access. It can be used as a primary or secondary wheelchair, medical aid, a toy, a piece of sports and recreational equipment,  a general means of personal mobility for those who prefer not to walk.  For folks with and without disabilities. Use  it indoors, outdoors, work, and play. It’s an Ogo.

Some will want to replace mobility scooters, golf carts, or use Ogo for city or park tours. Ideal for the beach, off road/ farms, formed mountain bike tracks and sports venues. We have folks wanting to use it as a platform and tactical device for football, tennis, basketball, fencing, field athletics, archery, hunting, fishing - the possibilities are almost endless.

The bottom line is freedom, independence and coolness.


Are you looking for people to test the Ogo through your trial stage?

We have thoroughly trialled Ogo with a number of folks with disabilities. It passes with delight and flying colours without exception. All who have trialled Ogo say it is better than they expected. Some take one minute to learn, some 30 minutes - easier than learning to ride a bike. We are always seeking continuous improvement and welcome feedback!

You must find out for yourself. Contact your local Agent for a demonstration or visit us here in New Zealand - be sure to take time to explore our beautiful country. Many folks from all over the world already have.  

Send us a message via our contact page - let us know you want to visit, we would love to meet you!


Will the Ogo be available in other colours? 

For the first production run the Ogo green can be changed to one of four available colours - the black stays the same. After our first run, the Ogo will be colour customizable.


Are there weight restrictions for users of the Ogo?

Presently Ogo supports weight up to 110kg.

Further development continues for the Ogo to suit a wider range of people - including children and those of a heavier build.


Are there speed restrictions?

One of the key attractions is that Ogo will travel up to 20 kph /12 mph. 

But some countries do have restrictions.It is the buyers responsibility to check their jurisdiction's regulations and advise us. 

We will factory set the speed according to your specific requirements.


Where can I use the Ogo? for example, can we use it on the road?

Ogo is designed to be used wherever a pedestrian has access, with some limitations-for example stairs, escalators, extremely rough or slippery terrain. 

Again, some countries or jurisdictions have restrictions on where such devices can be used. It is the buyers responsibility to check their jurisdiction's regulations and advise us. 


What safety measures do we need take?

Whilst the Ogo has the best safety and redundancy features of any self balancing device, users will need to be competent in using the Ogo before going into public areas (at least 60 minutes practice recommended).

We recommend users wear safety helmets and any other protection they consider appropriate.

Users should always use the Ogo responsibly, within their competency and always be mindful of the safety of others. For example, to travel at pedestrian pace when among pedestrians. 

Ogo has in built safety features that will shut it down. For example Ogo will come to a stop if it comes up against a high kerb or obstruction it is unable to traverse  -meaning that it is very unlikely to tip backwards. 

We do not accept responsibility for users safety if Ogo is used irresponsibly or for anything other than it’s purpose.


What do family members and professionals think of Ogo?

Ogo is not just about the users. Family and friends of those who have trialed the Ogo love it too. They have told us that their homes are a happier and healthier environment - that Ogo means more freedom and independence for them and increased opportunities to get back into activities they had given up - walking the bush trails, rediscovering the  beaches and parks, shopping. Just participating in life with their partners. “Grabbing life by the wheels”.

Caregivers tell us that they are not required to be in constant attendance, there is less strain on their own bodies having to manage manual wheelchairs or hefting heavy powered chairs.

Occupational therapists and other professionals love Ogo because it requires upper body movement - exercises core muscles-even if using the joystick. There is less wear and tear on shoulders and arms, assists functionality of internal organs. The increased freedom and independence assists mental and spiritual well being often resulting in a more positive outlook which aids recovery or therapy.


What are some of the other unique and cool features of the new Ogo?

-Two steering options - seat steer or joystick

-Joystick and other controls can be positoned on the left or right side of the body

-Automatic self leveling stabilising feet

-Easy clean impact resistant hi-density polyethylene body

-Built in lights

-Storage compartment

-Easy transferring to get on and off.  No bulky, dangerous central steering column

-Foldaway footrest with a choice of height adjustments

-Adjustable seat height and positioning

-USB charging port for phones

-Multi functional holders for accessories. For example, cup holder, fishing rods, umbrellas

-Weather resistant-not submersible though

Note. While the Ogo is great, it does not fly, float, or do the dishes!


Ogo Specifications

-Length with footrest up - 770 mm / 30.3 inches

-Height with backrest on - 1000 mm /39.4 inches

-Height with backrest off - 610 mm / 24 inches

-Width - 630 mm / 25.2 inches. All terrain kit-830 mm /32.7 inches

-Battery x 2 - Lithium Ion

-Battery x 2 weight - 11kg / 24 lbs

-Travel distance - Up to 40 km / 24.8 miles on a single charge. less,` if used off road, or at consistently high speed

-Weight - 65 kg / 143 lbs

-Speed - 20 kph / 12 mph


“At Ogo our goal is to help change lives for the better by making our ground breaking technology affordable for everyone who can benefit from it”