Ogo Agent: James Abdale and Emma Tweedy

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Contact: James.Abdale@ogotechnology.com

Contact: Emma.Tweedy@ogotechnology.com

Emma and James are a young couple living in Edinburgh, UK. Emma works as a junior doctor, training to be a General Practitioner and James is an IT Manager, working at the local airport.  Emma has been a wheelchair user for over ten years since a childhood illness with Leukaemia. She has never allowed her disability to limit her and remains determined to maintain this approach to life using Ogo technology. In their free time, Emma and James enjoy the Scottish outdoors and travel - both of which can be challenging at times in a wheelchair (especially for James who has to push Emma up some fairly major hills!). The Ogo will revolutionise these challenges and open up even more possibilities for both of them. Ultimately the Ogo will revolutionise the lives of thousands of people with a disability. 

Together they hope to introduce many people to the Ogo and its life-changing capabilities!