Ogo Agent: Electric Personal Vehicles

Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Contact: EPV@ogotechnology.com


Katrina originally from Sydney and Neil originally from Adelaide have been in business for over 30 years. We are based on the Gold Coast but happy to travel! 

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and delivering excellent service. 
We are extremely excited and passionate about being the first QLD agent in Australia for the ‘OGO’.

We are looking forward to demonstrating the ‘OGO’ to people with mobility challenges.
As these likeminded people are well aware, having safe and reliable wheels can significantly enhance the quality of life, with, a greater sense of connection, independence, freedom and most importantly, endless opportunities. 
The ‘Ogo’ and its self-balancing qualities is innovative, a unique concept and a practical electric transport solution, ideal for travel in and out of cities.
Please contact us at epv@ogotecnology.com.au to arrange your demo or ask for assistance with ordering your ‘OGO’