Ogo Agent: Dan and Amber Jordan

Location: Boise, Idaho, USA

Contact: Team.Jordan@ogotechnology.com


Hi! I’m Dan, and this is my smart, gorgeous, and infinitely talented wife, Amber. We are Team Jordan in this new Ogo adventure!

I was paralyzed in a rock climbing accident in 1999, but it hasn’t slowed me down (in fact, Amber says I’m finally about the right speed, and she can still barely keep up!). Despite having developed an aversion to rocks, we still do everything we ever loved to do outdoors together – fishing, camping, hunting, four-wheeler riding, berry picking, and exploring wherever we can reach. We tested the Ogo during our honeymoon to New Zealand in 2016, and we are super excited about the technology. It’s really going to open some new possibilities in our lives, not just for outdoor exploring, but also for preserving the health of my shoulders and helping me live pain free for as long as possible.

Amber and I don’t just want to help you acquire and care for your Ogo, we’d love to become friends, too! We can all go Ogoing together and then have a beer at our brewery in downtown Boise. Feel free to contact either of us at any time (Amber is the brains behind this operation, anyway). Cheers to new adventures ahead!