Ogo Agent: Craig and Judy Lenz

Location: Regina, SK, Canada

Contact: Craig.Lenz@ogotechnology.com


Whether you think you can, or you think you can't … you're right.”

― Henry Ford

Judy and I are thrilled that Kevin and his team at Ogo Technologies thought “they could!”, and have brought the Ogo to production! Congratulations!

Being a wheelchair user for over thirty years due to a crop dusting accident, as well as a Segway based PMD builder myself, I know firsthand how challenging an achievement like this is. To have the opportunity now to share this empowering machine with others as an Agent for Ogo…. well what can I say…. these are exciting times!

Since my accident in 1986, I have been blessed with many unique opportunities. I was fortunate to be raised on a farm in Saskatchewan where building in the shop was just part of being a farm boy. I have built hand controls to operate vehicles and equipment, built various lifts to get me to places I wanted to go. I also built a Segway based PMD seven years ago and have since cruised the beaches of the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. We’ve explored the Redwoods of California, the Desserts of Arizona, followed along on Golf Courses, toured State Parks and many other destinations that otherwise would have been very difficult (no impossible) by standard wheelchair.

My wife and partner, Judy, is a retired school teacher and loves the outdoors. Together we hope to introduce many people to the Ogo lifestyle both here in Canada and during our motorhome travels through the USA. (Winters in Saskatchewan are just too cold!)

Please email us or find us on Facebook and say hello. We look forward to being of service and sharing our experiences as members of the Ogo Technologies Agent Network.