Buying your Ogo


Distribution Direct

Our distribution model is designed to have the Ogo demonstrated in action by Agents who are typically users themselves, or closely affiliated to users. Bottom line: they need to understand user needs and wants. 

Our distribution direct model is designed to keep the price to consumers as low as possible. We also want to keep channels as direct and open as possible to allow ongoing dialogue and feedback with users so that we can respond to any issues and continue to make improvements or innovations.


Until there is an Agent near you, you can buy direct from us. 


Want to become an Ogo Agent? - Click here


Details of the price, amount of deposit, how to order your Ogo and Purchase Terms will be posted here at launch, shortly.



Meantime we can tell you that once launched: 



  • You will be able to purchase Ogo through one of our Agents, or 

    • direct to us through our website or email until there is an Agent near you

  • We will direct you to an Agent if there is one nearby

  • Agents may, but do not necessarily hold stocks of Ogo

  • Whether through an Agent, or directly-you will need to pay a deposit to us to secure your order 

  • If buying direct you may want to engage the services of a local customs broker  to advise you and clear your Ogo through customs

  • The deposit will be held in trust and is refunded to you if for some unexpected reason your order cannot be fulfilled

  • The balance of the purchase price, plus freight is to be paid prior to shipping 

  • Agents do not handle money

  • Your order will be queued for a production run

  • Delivery from the first production run is likely to be about 3- 4 months after your order,

    • with shorter periods thereafter as we scale and / or assemble and distribute closer to markets.


  • We will arrange shipping direct to your door, or to your Agent who will arrange delivery and training

  • Our shippers advise us it is usually cheaper and easier to claim if necessary, if you were to arrange for your own insurance locally



  • An on line instruction video will be available

  • Agents will provide training and assistance on and after delivery, and if required