Ogo Agent: Brian Galloway

Location: Carmel, Indiana, USA

Contact: Brian.Galloway@ogotechnology.com


Brian Galloway is a husband, father and dog owner. He lives in Carmel, Indiana, (northside of Indianapolis) with his wife, Erin, and their two boys, Griffin and Braden. They also have a yellow lab named Karl. 

Brian has been a wheelchair user since 2012 when he had a motorcycle accident in Qatar that left him paralyzed. He spent three months at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago learning how to live again. Prior to his accident, he played golf, ice hockey and rugby and he thought he wouldn't be able to play them anymore. Determined to play competitive sports again, he founded an adaptive sports company in 2015 and started a wheelchair lacrosse team. 

His passion for sports has driven him in many ways. He has spent the past several years looking for a way to not just bring mobility to people but to actually change their lives. Brian looks forward to the freedom that Ogo will bring to people's lives and is excited about being an agent. 

You can reach Brian via email or through Facebook @ogomidwest