Are you our miracle?

Thu, 7 Apr 2016


So we’re at $91,028. Of our $240,000 goal…

We have 24 hours to go and the campaign will not be extended – this is an all-or-nothing campaign.

This is it – right now, we need a miracle.

We DO still have 24 hours. And we DO have 462 amazing and awesome people who care enough to have contributed to the campaign. As well as those who have joined our mailing list and liked our Facebook page recently. Most of the contributions on the campaign so far are small ones, but even the small ones make a really big difference when there’s enough of them.

But today we’re asking: are you our miracle?

Can you send our campaign to someone who can get it more coverage? Do you know someone who might be able to buy a prototype?

Are you the one that can get us funded today?

Here’s the link to our campaign –

Either way, we’ll be in touch after we close to let you know what’s happening next.

Hoping for a miracle,


Kevin and the Ogo team


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