What is the ogo?

The unique feature of the Ogo is the active moving seat control system, which makes it very intuitive to use - completely hands free!

Based on well proven self balancing technology and a lot of kiwi ingenuity, we have created something new and exciting. The user is able to move  by simply leaning in the direction they want to travel.

When you are in the Ogo you are using your core muscles to move, turn and stay in balance - something that has Occupational Therapists very excited.

By changing to our all-terrain wheels, the Ogo becomes an off road monster that can go just about anywhere. Able to tackle soft sand, gravel, rough terrain and inclines, the Ogo is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices.

Look forward to experiencing the freedom and exhilaration the Ogo can offer as the Ogo team takes personal transportation to a whole new level!

What's next for Ogo?

Thank you to the more than 500 backers who wanted to make donations to our crowd funding campaign. That support for the Ogo inspires us to keep up the momentum to get into production later this year.

Even after having received your Indiegogo refunds, many people are telling us they still want to send donations and we are very happy to accept that generous support from you. To make it possible we are setting up a secure donations tab on our website.

We have already received a number of generous donations and work on the latest prototype with its modifications is well under way. The donations that you send will make it possible to get this next prototype model completed and tested amongst our enthusiastic community.

Please keep up the social media contact; your feedback and support really gets us humming along!

Thanks, Kevin


The Ogo

a new take on personal transportation.

An intuitive hands free control system, for freedom of movement and maximum independence!

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